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Hi, I'm Erin - a Brooklyn-based product designer who advocates for accessibility. I've had the pleasure of working with various companies including Reddit, Meta, Verizon, and Nasdaq :)

Case Studies

Here's a collection of a few projects I've worked on. They are short-form but feel free to reach out for a link to view these in-depth. Enjoy!

End to EndĀ 

Standing up an Accessibility Program at Reddit

Case study in progress.

Information ArchitectureĀ 

Overhauled Information Architecture

The next evolution of Verizon Up's IA that incorporates Verizon's new guiding philosophy.

End to EndĀ 

Building Complex Filters

A mobile filtering system (query engine) based on a existing desktop workflow.

End to EndĀ 

Creating Facebook's Year-End Recap

A year-end stories experience to help content creators understand and grow their Facebook presence.

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