Plus One - Case Study

plus one hero.png


So, what is plus one? Plus one is a mobile platform that allows users with similar interests to connect and attend events when they have an extra ticket.


I was tasked with improving the workflows and applying a rebrand. Focusing on the create event workflow, the goal was for users create an event quickly and efficiently. With this goal in mind, the current version was flawed in two ways: recurring instructional overlays and a non-intuitive user flow.

old flow.png


As you can see from the image above, a recurring overlay appears at the beginning and end or the workflow. Now, I understand the the value of incorporating instructional overlays and tooltips, but here they’re troublesome for a few reasons. One, after a user has gone through the process once -- they don’t need to be reminded again. This frequent reminder interrupts the workflow and increases the amount of time it takes to complete the task. Second, there’s too much text on the first screen which increases the user's cognitive load. According to NNG, mobile users notoriously don’t read due to limited time and split attention. If instructional overlays are to be used, they should be easy to scan. And third, a workflow of this universality should be intuitive. 

On the subject of intuitiveness, the workflow seems unaligned with the conceptual model of what users in this target market would expect - based on the products they're used to. This misalignment results in the workflow being bloated, and the task taking longer to complete.

With the problems uncovered during this workflows audit and the improvement goals fully defined, I started researching real world solutions and sketching out different concepts.


Since there wasn’t much room in the budget to user test, I tested the mid-fidelity concepts with a few friends. The testing highlighted which workflow was the easiest to use, but also revealed a major issue.  

The issue was with choosing a picture for the event. Both concepts defaulted to taking a picture rather than selecting one from your camera roll. The majority of the test group looked to access their camera roll immediately to upload a picture. After-all, these were pre-made events that users were posting to find someone to attend with. 

With this insight I created a final concept, and settled on this as the final redesign. 

Option 3.png
final flow .png

Lessons Learned

One lesson I took away from this was how to handle a redesign of a live product as a freelancer. I learned small improvements overtime are best. I began designing without thinking about the development budget - which turned out to be not what I expected. This resulted in a large portion of my redesigns not being implemented.