Linq - Case Study


To say that block chain and decentralized ledgers don’t have the capacity to reshape the global economy would be hearsay. While blockchain and decentralized ledgers are removing limitations in the financial world its up to us, as UX’ers, to remove limitations and usability problems in the products that support this technology. 


So what is Linq? Linq is a digital ledger technology that uses the blockchain to aid in the issuance, cataloging and recording of the transfers for privately-held companies on Nasdaq’s private market. This platform was inherited from IDEO lab in collaboration with Citi Group.


I was tasked with coming up with a solution that allowed users to view their placed orders in their local currency, view the exchange rate, and view the receivers amount with the exchange rate applied.

  • Users should be able to see both the amount purchased in their local currency while able being to see the amount delivered in the recipients local currency 

  • Users should be able to do this seamlessly without interrupting the checkout work flow 

  • User should be able to readjust the amount placed and automatically balances updated 

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 3.19.12 PM.png


Since this project was inherited from IDEO CoLab, we received the data and research around the general users wants and needs.  The most prevalent need being the ability to quickly submit an offer as the market quickly fluctuates. With this knowledge we wanted to make sure the solution was not only discoverable, but also efficient. We didn’t want to slow the user down. 

Starting with sketches I drafted up a few different solutions. Finally deciding on two, I then, created mid-fidelity wireframes. We then tested these wireframes to determine ease of use and discoverability. 

wireframes .png

After some qualitative usability testing, we found that users preferred for the exchange rate information to be out of the way - yet still accessible. We received a lot of mixed feedback for the first option. Primarily, though easily discoverable, it took a lot of effort to view the receivers amount in their local currency. We decided to move forward with option 2. 

With the decision made, I brought the wireframes to high fidelity mockups using the style guide we received.


I was brought in to design for this very specific portion of the project and in broader sense - have had the opportunity to learn about blockchain and some of it’s applications in fintech. :)